‘There is an unwelcome snobbery attached to wine’

‘That makes customers reticent about engaging fully in wine and therefore always going for easy options’

This snobbery causes some people to think specialist wine shops are only for wine specialists, but really rge opposite is true.

The less you know about wine the more reason there is to choose the wine shop over a supermarket or a website. This is your one-on-one time with an expert, so make the most of it.

Get budget in early to avoid disappointment later. If you don;t want to talk numbers, point out two or three wines to indicate your price range.

Giving staff a sense of context is also important

Here are some of the main things to talk about:

  • ¬†What occasions is the wine for? If it’s everyday drinking then it’s usually a cheaper wine. If it’s a gift, special occasion or dinner party it is usually more expensive.

  • What style of wine do you normally enjoy? Try and describe what wines you like best as in depth of dryness and body. Perhaps a particular grape, country or region.

  • What are you pairing it with? Knowing the food someone enjoys helps, food matching can be a great pointer to favourite wines.

Of course we encourage our staff to engage with customers and help with their wine choices, however if you want to come in and browse our store for and hour in peace and quiet we are more than happy to let you crack on., but we will be there for you whenever you need us.